Community Announcement: Beware of scams and unauthorized sales

Apr 06 2019

Dear community members, partners and investors,

We have been made aware that there were some recent scams with respect to Harmony, including attempts of unauthorized sales of Harmony tokens.

In some instances, there have been assertions with respect to our timeline for a token generation event, whether we will or will not commence a public sale of Harmony tokens, and the general structure of any potential token sale. These assertions are unfounded, not accurate and are not being made by us or our authorized representatives.

We applaud the efforts of our community members who spotted these scams and brought them to our attention. If you become aware of any potential scams, please inform us immediately at

We take these scams very seriously and we will do everything within our power to protect our community, our reputation and network that we are building. Please remain vigilant and only look to our official communication channels for information regarding Harmony.

Official channels:
Twitter —
Telegram —
Website —

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