Open Consensus
for 10 Billion People.
Harmony for One and All.

Our open infrastructure is a revolutionary high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fee consensus platform designed to power decentralized economies of the future.

Open infrastructure

for the world's data


marketplace platform

Enabling decentralized

and trustless economies

Decentralization at Scale

Decentralization at Scale

Our goal is to deliver scalability and decentralization. The promise of blockchain is to enable decentralized coordination at scale but no platform has yet been able to achieve both. Harmony aims to change that.

Similar to the way Google vertically integrates its search infrastructure, we take a full stack approach to solve consensus at scale. We apply 10x innovations at every layer in consensus algorithms, systems and networking to maximize the performance of our network while maintaining decentralization. Our end-to-end integration allows us to iterate faster and make more aggressive optimizations than could be done with a modular approach.

Latest Updates

We published our Whitepaper that elaborates our technology, research and key guiding principles.

We’ve built our founding engineering team that has deep experience in building large-scale infrastructure.

We’ve raised a private seed round to develop the core protocol and start engaging our early community.

Our Team

We’re a passionate group of senior engineers from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn and Harvard. Many of us have worked at Google, Apple, Amazon and successful startups.

Because of our diverse backgrounds and experiences, we’re confident in our ability to execute good ideas across different layers of the technical stack.

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Latest Project Update

We have launched (running on multiple shards) and community forum (hosting discussion on consensus & sharding).

Harmony 2019 Roadmap

Our roadmap aims to reinforce “Wear Your Ambitions Bright on Sleeve” with Harmony community, and to plan for the “Crypto Winter & Invincible Summer.”

Culture and Values that matter at Harmony

Everyone who joins the Harmony team has to answer three questions on Culture. We're very intentional about the culture we want to build and live everyday.


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