Harmony: Overview & Milestones

May 06, 2019

Originally published on Medium.

Our Mission: To scale trust for billions of people & create a radically-fair economy

Here’s an overview of Harmony’s progress in the last 12 months towards an organic community and our project mission. Come celebrate our anniversary!

For more, see Harmony Annual Letter and monthly Harmony Newsletter.

Founding team of 7 in Silicon Valley, all engineers, full time & on site since 2018/06, security Penn PhD, Stanford/CMU AI, Havard MBA, 4 ex-Google/Apple

Core team of 12 (full time & on site), math PhD, 3 Amazon infra engineers

Culture & values, “Open Consensus for 10B” brand, organic ex-Googler community

Extended team of 36: 5 community leads, 7 content strategists, 2 reward organizers

By CEO: annual letter, 2019 roadmap, 12 newsletters, pitch deck, SFBW talk

Community & Media

For 2 years, 4-hour weekly TGI gathering: 1500+ guests (Cosmos, Quark, NKN, Draper)

Channels: 11k telegram, 6k email, 3k twitter, 1k wechat, 9 translations

9 media partners: TokenInsight, 深链财经 Deepchain, 链闻 Chainnews, SNEK

25 articles in 2019Q2: 金色, 火星, 晚点, 蓝狐, coindesk, briefing, hackernoon, steemit

Asia tours: SZ/BJ 2018Q1, BJ/SH 2018Q3, Binance SG/VN 2019Q1, BJ/KR 2019Q2

Development & Technology

Open source & 3 testnets since 2019/01, 16 contributors, 2.8k commits, 113 stars

Strong ETH 2.0 contender: state sharding & secure PoS (300 signups for open nodes)

resharding w/ network randomness, optimal cross-shard routing, rateless erasure code

Open Platform for Data Sharing help business form data consortia / credit agencies

Partners & Tokens

Channel partner Contentos (60M users) for launching Harmony Puzzle w/ 10k users

Signed partners: Animoca (game assets), BigBangAngels, Rymedi (FDA-approved prescription tracking), Timeless (calendar-based services), CoinXP/Quanta (dex)

Token model: 34.3% ecosys, 26.4% protocol dev, 22.4% seed investors, 16.9% team

Team tokens vesting 4 years & unlocking from 2020

Progress & Roadmap

2018/Q2: $18M seed (Qtum 帅初, UVA 李江, Lemniscap), 10k tx/sec & 10k nodes benchmark

2018/Q3: branding, 118k tx/sec & 41k nodes benchmark, research roadmap, china tour

2018/Q4: 1.3-sec block propagation benchmark, SFBW talk, neuroscience research

2019/01: devnet, open source, whitepaper 2.0, discourse forum, community badges

2019/02: testnet 1.0, foundational node, Binance Fair SG, Jakarta/Saigon tour, tech whiteboard

2019/03: testnet 2.0, ETHDenver Most Innovative, $1M technical bounty, token economy

2019/04: testnet 3.0, Harmony Lottery, community bounty, partners, faq

2019/05: game of stakes, validator calls (15% annual return, 6% inflation), consensus nyc

2019/Q2: Lottery/puzzle demos, cross-shard communication, throttled mainnet launch

2019/Q3: Kademlia routing, rateless erasure code, fast state sync, WASM, full mainnet launch

2019/Q4: Porting zero-knowledge proof dApps, production services for partners, ops/monitor

Harmony Team (with car plate “HMY ONE”) in Silicon Valley

For more, see Harmony Annual Letter and monthly Harmony Newsletter.