Harmony 2019–01: Open Source, Asia Tour & Node Operator Program

Apr 06 2019

Dear investors and friends,

Since our last newsletter, Harmony has open sourced our core protocol. This week we’re traveling to Southeast Asia to engage our community as network operators.

Our monthly highlights are:

  • Open source on github.com/harmony-one with over 1,700 commits
  • Launching Harmony Operator program & community badges
  • Official mentor at Binance Fair in Singapore on 1/19
  • Speaking events at Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong on 1/23–2/7
  • New whitepaper on our breakthroughs in state sharding & P2P networking
Our senior engineer announcing our open source to the TGI audience.

Open Code for 10 Billion

We achieved the first milestone on our 2019 Roadmap by fully open sourcing our code. Watch and star github.com/harmony-one! You may post on our forum talk.harmony.one, chat on harmony.one/discord, or watch the announcement video and presentation.

See our blog post for details of our technical milestones and roadmap:

  • Account model & Solidity support
  • O(n) consensus & O(1) resharding
  • Beacon chain, logarithmic cross-shard routing
  • Transaction and failure-resilient propagation benchmarks

We have also published a technical whitepaper, expanding on our architecture for a scalable and secure public blockchain. Our key innovations are in 1) state sharding, including secure staking & resharding with decentralized randomness; and 2) peer networking, including fast cross-shard routing and robust block propagation.

Inceptive Harmony Operators & Badges

We are kicking off Harmony Operator program to bring full participation to our network. By operating Harmony nodes and with strategic investment, this inceptive class will earn extra 40% of Harmony Token.

We use CoinList and OpenToken for token management. See harmony.one/partners for limited spots available.

Also, to celebrate our global community from over 35 countries, we just launched our community badges campaign (see our evangelist and his personalized link harmony.one/canero below). Meet us and get your unique badge on harmony.one/telegram.

At our house office in Cupertino, we hosted 25 Harvard Business School students on their Silicon Valley Trek to discuss how the next generation of business leaders can deploy blockchain to the world. Online, our forum community engages in conversations on storage rentvalue engines and multi-signature BFT.

Bringing Harmony to Southeast Asia

Our team will be traveling to Singapore on 1/19, Jakarta on 1/23, Ho Chi Minh City on 1/26, Hong Kong and Shenzhen on 1/29. Harmony is an official mentor to hackathon participants at Binance Fair. Developers, come by to chat!

See our updated deck (7 Google/Apple/Amazon Engineers & 2 PhDs on team!) for speaking engagement with communities and partners in Asia. Join our Harmony WhatsApp and WeChat Asia groups — we look forward to meeting you in the local events (and enjoying local food!).

Spring Into The “Invincible Summer”

Everyday, in the midst of winter, we are building the foundation of the invincible summerHarmony 2019 roadmap is to productionize the first scalable network with proof-of-stakeBlockchain’s Top Trends of 2019 writes “a new class of competitor [to Ethereum 2.0] is rising with considerable VC backing including the likes of Dfinity [and] Harmony Protocol.”

Like Internet and mobile phones in the last decades, crypto protocols are democratizing resources, but now for money and trust. We build open consensus to reduce social costs. As Vitalik writes, “computing cost has reduced by 1 trillion times while labor cost increased 2–10x”.

We share Bitcoin Magazine’s 2029 vision of a ubiquitous, decentralized economy. Together, we look forward to scaling trust and building a radically fair economy for billions.

Lastly, we need your help connecting communities in Singapore, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Also, star and send a pull-requestto our repo at github.com/harmony-one!

Stephen Tse
Harmony CEO

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