Catch Harmony at SF Blockchain Week!

Apr 06 2019

The Harmony team is back after a three-week long Asia tour. We visited Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong and were inspired by the energy and speed of innovation in Asia.

Over 14 days, we participated in 10 events, had over 50 fruitful meetings and engaged with a community of over 650 people, who are as excited about blockchain technology as each of us!

Catch us during the SF Blockchain week! We’d love to chat with you about what we’re building.

  • Thursday, October 4 @ 6.30pm: Rongjian Lan will be speaking on ‘State Sharding with Omniledger’. The event is organized by ABC Blockchain Community. Find more details here.
  • Monday, October 8 @ 4pm: Stephen Tse will be on a panel on ‘Scaling Blockchains’ at Back to the Crypto Future Conference. Find more details here.
  • Tuesday, October 9 @ 6.30pm: Rongjian Lan will be on a panel on ‘Sharding for Blockchain Scalability’. The event is organized by ABC Blockchain Community. Find more details here.
  • Wednesday, October 10 @ 11.25amStephen Tse will be giving a talk on the Titans of Tech stage at CESC on ‘Scaling consensus with systems and language design’. Find more details here.
  • Thursday, October 18: The Harmony team will be giving a talk on ‘The future of AI Data Marketplaces’ at Stanford CodeX. more details to follow.

We’re excited to meet with fellow participants at SF Blockchain week. Feel free to write to us!

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